Expand Sponsorships

Creating compelling sponsorship opportunities is an important goal for any stadium or arena. Alpha Video Sports offers a new way of presenting eye-catching sponsor messages and attention-getting promotions.

We're Changing the Game

Sports venues are always looking to provide additional options and more variety in their advertising packages. The challenge has been to make these options easy to implement and have enough of them to appeal to a wide variety of sponsors. Alpha Video Sports has developed its own award-winning digital signage and IPTV solution to show compelling advertising messages and promotions on screens anywhere in an arena or stadium. Sponsor packages can be customized to fit any budget and are easily scheduled to appear wherever and whenever they are required.

We know that sponsorships are the economic lifeblood of any active arena or stadium. Alpha Video creates a win-win for both sponsors and venues by offering visually dynamic sponsor messages with easy-to-use content management. It is with great confidence that we say we have the best sponsor promotion solution available in the market.