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We don't actually wear helmets in Support Services but we can look this intense.

It's Time for Our Game Face

We understand that the systems designed and installed by Alpha Video Sports are critical to the successful operations of your organization. We also know that your satisfaction with the solutions we provide will be measured on their day-to-day reliability and performance. That’s why we've dedicated our most experienced staff to provide ongoing technical support of your system.

We offer a variety of comprehensive service agreements to meet your specific requirements and budget so you're always ready for game day.

Support Options

Every integrated system includes a 90-day warranty at no charge. The warranty includes phone support along with on-site service and travel during standard business hours to fix operational issues. Repair of failed components are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty along with all shipping costs.
After the initial 90-day warranty, the Alpha Video Service Agreement ensures the continued performance of your integrated systems. A Service Agreement includes unlimited phone support from Alpha Video’s Service Department. Calls received by Alpha Video during standard business hours are answered in person or returned in less than one hour. When the issue cannot be resolved by phone support, a technician will be on-site within one to two business days. If a component fails, there’s no charge for standard shipping to and from the repair facility.
For systems installed in environments where uptime performance is vital, Alpha Video offers a Service and Maintenance Agreement. This option includes the same coverage as a Service Agreement, plus preventive maintenance calls. Depending on client preferences, preventive maintenance calls can be made from one to four times a year.
For mission-critical installations like large sporting venues, Alpha Video will partner with you to design a Customized Service Agreement. Customized Service Agreements may include 24/7 phone support, 24x7 on-site support, expedited on-site response time, more frequent preventive maintenance calls, nation-wide service coverage, and/or on-site technician support.