Give Your Fans What They Want

SuiteVIEW offers live IPTV game distribution for premium suites with L-bar message zones for real-time player and game stats along with sponsorship and advertising content. Choose from a variety of data modules that integrate real time third party data into a branded screen layout. Data modules can be mixed and matched to create a customized viewer experience depending on the screen location and application. Each data module also has a variety of plug-ins that allow a specific data set to be used.

Data Integration Options

Data Modules Data Plug-ins for Modules
Clock & Scoring Module Daktronics, OES, Custom
Stats Module DakStats, StatsCrew, GSIS, Stats Inc.
Social Media Module Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Closed Caption Module Closed Captioning Interface

Control Options

CastNET SuiteView Control offers fans a better way to control and select what screens and channels they’re watching in suites. With multiple suite screens, standard TV remotes may accidentally change channels on all the screens. With SuiteVew Control, fans are presented with a visual channel guide on a tablet that controls specific screens.


Video Example

Example of live game day IPTV coverage with rotating promotional messages and real time game and player stats. Includes clock & score data module option. (No audio)