A Great View from Anywhere in the Venue

ConcourseVIEW offers live IPTV game distribution for venue concourses with L-bar message zones for sponsorship and advertising content. Choose from a variety of data modules that integrate real-time third party data into a branded screen layout. Data modules can be mixed and matched to create a customized viewer experience depending on the screen location and application. Each data module also has a variety of plug-ins that allow a specific data set to be used.

Data Integration Options

Data Modules Data Plug-ins for Modules
Clock & Scoring Module Daktronics, OES, Custom
Stats Module DakStats, StatsCrew, GSIS, Stats Inc.
Social Media Module Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Closed Caption Module Closed Captioning Interface

Control Options

CastNET VenueView Control uses a web page to show a map of all the screens in your venue. To change content on any screen, select the screen icon and choose what content you would like displayed from a pull down list. Switch one or hundreds of screens with one click.


Video Example

Example of live game day IPTV coverage with rotating sponsor advertising. Includes clock & score data module along with closed caption module. (No audio)