Our team of on-site project managers and installation technicians are pros at taking the initiative and moving the chains right away.

We believe rack design and cable management are an art and a science.

You got the A-Team

All of our projects are staged and pre-configured at Alpha Video's integration facility. This allows us to make the proper equipment adjustments and do the initial system testing before being integrated on-site.

Alpha Video Sports believes that pre-configured equipment is only one part of a winning strategy. After the project kick-off, our experienced Project Managers work with you on logistics, coordinating schedules in advance, and making sure that everyone knows the next play call. We know there's a play clock running so we do everything we can to keep things on schedule and keep you empowered throughout the process.

Our Alpha Advantage integration process includes:

  • Ongoing design reviews: As requirements change, we're able to make an audible.
  • Advanced planning: It's all about the Gantt charts.
  • Quality installation: We believe the back of a rack is a work of art.
  • Utilizing industry best practices: After 45 years of doing things, you pick up some good habits.

Our Integration Process

Phase One: Project Managers are assigned as a single point of contact for client coordination and communication. Client meetings are called to confirm deliverables, process, and timelines.

Phase Two: Project installation dates are proposed and approved. Outside factors are assessed for their potential to delay the installation. Equipment shipping and labor time are coordinated for maximum productivity.

Phase Three: When possible, equipment is staged and preconfigured at Alpha Video in one of our eight integration bays. Primary rack installation and cabling is completed before doing on-site integration.

Phase Four: System diagnostics are performed followed by client commissioning of project. Service and warranty agreements are reviewed.

Phase Five: Staff training is provided upon request. Training is customized to client's workflow and scheduling needs.